Ring strategy in queue

hi everyone

I want to know why ring startegy doesnt work in queue? i have created 3 extensions afterthat i have created a queue and definte ring strategy on roundrobin . when i want test my queue it doesnt work. only when i definite ringall my agents in queue ring but other startegies doesnt work.thanks in advance

i find ring strategies work fine although the logic in ring strategies still can create perverse situations that are correct even though unexpected. that said, you have given very minimal information by which anyone can try to assist you understand the problem you are facing.

what version of freePBX? what version of asterisk? what kind of end user devices? what happens in your test set up that tells you round robin is not operating properly? help us help you.


thanks for your help
freepbx 2.5
my agents connect to ata

when i definite roundrobin or rrmemory strategy and call to queue my moh play but none of agents in queue ringing.