Ring strategies not working

I have FreePBX and Asterisk
IVR, Ring Group, and Queue are installed.

I have a simple IVR that I can use to enter either the Ring Group or the Queue

In both my test Ring Group and test Queue, I have two extensions setup.

Calling in from my DID, I am able to get to my IVR, then press 1 to get to either my Queue or Ring Group (whichever I have the IVR configured for the test).

Unfortunately, the ring strategies don’t seem to be working.

In my Queue tests, no matter what I select for a ring strategy, all extensions ring at the same time. Now, the only selection that should cause this is “ring all” from what I’ve read. But that’s not the case.

In my Ring Group tests, it’s exactly the same. No matter what ring strategy I select, all extensions ring at the same time.

The docs are pretty limited, so I’m not sure what I might be doing wrong.

Any helpful hints???


Oh, heck, never mind. I was using a soft phone and speakers. It seems my pc was faking me out, pc speaker rang first, then desktop speakers rang, making me think my two phones were ringing together. Hope this is a good Friday laugh for y’all, it was for me. Doh!

please give the CLI info?