Ring Queue Strategy

Not sure if i am seeing normal behavior or if i am misconfigured.

When i have more than one agent (device) in Queue and i have more than 1 concurrent call, the available phones ring for x seconds then go quiet if no agent picks up (for whatver reason). Then the phone is quiet for ~30 seconds and rings again. During the quiet time, there is no indication and apparently no way to answer the calls in the queue. Is this expected behavior? Ideally, there would be at least a visual indicator that there were calls waiting in the queue.


The Agent Retry time is probably set to ~30 seconds

Can you post a screenshot of the Timing & Agent Options tab?

oh…i forgot to post the images… thanks.

Actually the retry is 5 seconds.

Yeah the issue is the breakout IVR.

While the IVR greeting plays, it won’t ring any phone.

You might be able to fix that by following this:

I never tried it tho…

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Thanks i will have a look at that.

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