Ring pause between two agents in queue

I’m using FreePbx Distro v. 3.211.63-10 with asterisk 1.8.
I have found out that there is about 5 sec. pause between next agent start rings in the queue (in case of no answer). I tried to change it, but there is a lot of entries in dialplan and I got lost. Can someone help me to reduce this pause.
I am not so good in asterisk so I apologize if it is a stupid question.

Meanwhile I have found that there is a parameter retry= in queues.log and it was set to 0 before. Now I just set it to 1 for test and it works perfect now! So if this parameter is set to 0 Queue() application uses 5s instead. Now I have set it to 1s and next agent start rings almost immediately.
It is a little bit strange behavior