Ring multiple extensions from external call


I added the following to my extensions_custom.conf :

exten => 2204,1,Dial(SIP/2204&SIP/2272)
When I call the extension internally both extensions ring however when a call comes in externally (from the IVR) only the extension 2204 rings. I would like both the to ring.
Would anyone know what I need to modify to make this work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You

Ring Group?


Thanks for the answer… but just to satisfy my curiosity would you know what has to be modified in the dial plan for this setup to work when external calls hit the PBX?

It is probably due to how the various contexts are included. you don’t say what context you put your addition to your custom file in so maybe your ivr don’t include it, maybe you just need a follow me on 2204 to include 2272 to make everything hunky-dory.

I try to add more extension to a ring group. The extension I added does not ring when an external call comes in. It only rings at those original extensions were programmed to ring. I even restart the FreePBX phone server, same problem. I can not get the new extensions I added to the ring group to ring at all.

It looks like you are both manually modifying the .conf files and also configuring via FreePBX. FreePBX is written so that you should almost never have to modify the .conf files. If you’ve done that, and now Ring Groups aren’t working as expected, my initial suspicion would be that you’ve changed something in the .conf files that is interfering with what FreePBX is trying to do.

Alternatively, you probably don’t have your inbound route pointing at the Ring Group that you’re modifying.