Ring mobile phone if no extensions

One of my clients was hesitant to move to VoIP due to bad experiences in the past. They often had internet outages which resulted in customers not able to call them. I moved the FreePBX to a cloud hosted server which results in customers at least always getting a response, the voicemail. That got me wondering. If the internet does go down again and the phones can’t connect to the server they could connect via an app on their mobile phone via a cellular connection, but this would require my client having to monitor the downtime and performing an action. I had rather this be automated. I know a mobile number can be added to FreePBX as an extension, but would it be possible to ring this mobile number only if no other (office) phones are registered? Assuming the phones get unregistered very soon after the internet goes down and reconnected when internet is back online.

Set the ‘call forward unavailable’ away from voicemail to the cell phone client.

Wouldn’t this always forward to the cell phone even if phones are registered?

If they are registered, would they not be available?

I guess that is correct. Where do I find this option?

Optional Destinations > Not Reachable ?

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