Ring groups


I am having trouble dialing a ring group from an external number. Everytime I dial my ring group I get an invalid extension message. Is there a way I can solve this issue? Our server currently runs FreePBX

Thank you.

What are you calling? Are you calling an DID that is an inbound route?

Is the Inbound route programmed to go to the Ring Group? Or are you calling in, getting to your IVR, then dialing the extension of the Ring Group?

When you say external number, are you calling from outside the platform (EG dialing a DID from your cell phone) or are you dialing from an extension not in that ring group?

This sounds like it’s an IVR handling the call (when you dial a non-existent group #, you should get a fast busy). Can you post a screenshot of the inbound route?

@rchase, stops copies me :frowning:

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