Ring Groups restarting after 30 seconds

I have noticed that my ring groups have started resetting themselves after 30 seconds. If I change my hunt extension ring times to 10 seconds, then I can get three extensions to ring. But it will not go to the fourth, it will reset and start over again at the first after 30 seconds total. It NEVER will go to my destination if no answer, unless I keep the timing down to less than 30 seconds. I cannot find a setting ANYWHERE that will help me solve this time out issue with ring groups.

For more information - my Follow Me is doing the exact same thing. Reseting back to the first phone after 30 seconds.

To anyone that stumbles upon this post - the fact that my Follow Me was giving me the same issue pointed me towards this topic:

Come to find out it was an issue stemming from my provider. I fixed the problem by sending calls to an “empty” announcement that would then connect to the appropriate ring group. The announcement would signal my provider that the call had been answered, and my ring groups would then continue working as designed.