Ring Groups options missing from my FreePBX Admin - Pls Help!

Good Day Everyone!!!

I’m newbie just configured my first Trixbox today. So far, I have managed to configure the following;
Sip Inbound and outbound trunk
Changing default logins
Add a couple of sip phones
Everything works fine.

CentOS 5
Asterisk 1.4.17-1


Apologies if it has been asked before. I was trying to find where I would configure Ring Groups but did not find any option on my FreePBX /admin /User or /maint. After a few google search I found this link below;


Then, I realized that my /admin page is totally different to the one above

Gometrotowing.com ADMIN

Inbound Call Control
Inbound Routes
CallerID Lookup Sources
Day/Night Control
Follow Me
Ring Groups
Time Conditions

Internal Options & Configuration
Callback Conferences
Misc Applications
Misc Destinations
Music on Hold
PIN Sets
Paging and Intercom
Parking Lot
System Recordings


Inbound Call Control
Inbound Routes

Internal Options & Configuration
Music on Hold
System Recordings


Where am I going wrong? Is it the version? Or do I need an upgrade or a clean install?

Any pointers or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


You need to install the ring groups module.

Go to “module admin” and click “check for updates online”. Download and install the ring group module (and any others you want) and you should be fine.

Many thanks Sakodak. I have all the options now.

However, my system developed another problem. I can not add any extensions anymore Basic | Extensions | Add Extensions

it hangs on . Sometimes I get a blank page and some time I get the same page.

I done a clean install and everything is working now. All tears and nightmares have gone now. Thanks again. PS I think my problems were caused by default password change.