Ring Groups - Mark Answered Elsewhere Issue / Missed Calls


I am running FreePBX 14 Distro on Asterisk 13.

I have a simple ring group using a ring all strategy set up with two members: 101 & 102. I have the option Mark Answer Elsewhere enabled in the ring group options.

Example: I call in and extension 101 answers but the CDR’s show a missed call for 102. This shouldn’t be happening since 101 and 102 are in the same ring group and if 101 picked up that call, it wasn’t technically a missed call.

Is there any way to set the ring group to not mark ring group members as missed calls when the call is answered by another member in the ring group? I thought this is what the Mark Answered Elsewhere setting did, but maybe I am confused.

The " Mark Answer Elsewhere" toggle is intended to prevent the missed call indicator on the phone from showing, it has no affect on the CDR. If you want to filter unanswered calls when browsing the CDRs, enable disposition, not, no-answer.


Thank you for your response. This user is actually using the Asternic CDR Reports to browse the CDR records.

This module just pulls whatever CDR data is in Asterisk.

I guess the real question then would be is it possible to configure FreePBX/Asterisk to not log a missed call to the CDR’s for the extension number if the call was directed to a ring group that was answered by another ring group member?

The end goal here is managers would like to be able to see who is or isn’t answering their phones, so we are trying to get rid of the false positive “missed calls” from ring groups being logged to the CDRs when they technically aren’t missed calls since another ring group member answered it.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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