Ring-Groups bypassed when calling DIDs from internal

I have three remote phones on FreePBX 2.7. On 2.4 I was able to call the DID of each of the other phones and get the IVR Recording through the use of a ring-group that would ring the extension 3 times then dump into the IVR. Now, after the upgrade, when I call another DID it rings the extension then goes to voice mail indicating it is bypassing the ring-group. When I call from an external line such as my cell phone the ring group works correctly and dumps me into the IVR after 3 rings. So basically, when I’m calling a DID from an internal extension Freepbx is bypassing the ring-groups and calling the extension directly. How can I make it not do this and just use the inbound routes I have specified?


you can’t “call a DID” (meaning an inbound route number) from an extension unless you do some fancy things.

The dialplan separates the 'from-pstn" space (where DIDs are visible) from the internal space. It has always been this way.