Ring Groups are not working

HI all,
I have a Install that has been up and running for some time, however the customer reached out and said that they were not receiving any phone call. when I call the number it goes to the Voicemail I have listed for “if not answer”. Now I have checked DND, and I have removed all ext from the list only adding one at a time with the same result. No matter what I do, if I have the call directed at a ring group the call goes to the “if no answer” and skips the phones.

Any thoughts?


Hello which version of your freepbx? the best scenario to understand what is happening is to create a test environment identical to that of your client and validate, so you will really understand what happens. If possible, do not send log and print of the configuration screen of your ring group.

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Please provide a call trace, please post a pastebin link, see instructions:


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