Ring Groups and Voice Mail

I just installed FreePBX V2.1b3 after using AMP since I first installed AAH. I seem to be having a problem now with ring groups that I didn’t have wit AMP.

I have a ring group…#111…defined that rings 3 different extensions. One of the extensions is #997. What I would like to have happen is have the ring group ring all three extensions then on no answer, have it go directly to voicemail for extension 997.

Most everything here works properly, except the greeting that I get if I set the destination to core:voicemail box 997 is a default greeting. (Some lady saying “Please leave a message after the tone.”) On the other hand, if I set the destination to extension 997, it rings that phone three times then plays the correct unavailable greetiing, which I recorded.

What I would like to happen is that #997 rings as a result of being a member of the ring group, then have it go directly to voicemail, but play the message I recorded instead of the default “please leave a message…” greeting.

Got it… With a little more hunting around, I found on the General Settings page where you can specify which message to play on a direct call to voice mail. I changed it and it worked.