Ring groups and busy extensions

scenario: I have a ring group set up with 2 extensions, for example 20 and 21.
When a call comes in, it simultaneous rings all two extensions (ringall). And this is ok.

If ext 20 is on the phone (got “busy here” correctly), it rings 21 only, and this is ok.
BUT, if meanwhile ext 20 ends his call, I want it to start ring again for the other call coming in. This is because, if 21 is not on the desk, the call would be lost since 20 doesn’t hear it ringing and 21, as I said, is with his coffee cup in another place.

I know that a queue would solve this problem but I can’t use queues, since it’s not acceptable in this particular situation to answer the call and let the caller pay while hearing ringing tone or music on hold.
I also cannot activate Call Waiting on these two extensions, since they want to be reported busy to other extension when they are in a call.

Can you give me any hint?

Thank you!

you are asking for too much, activate call waiting and let the internal people deal with it, or provide two lines, on the phone. One for the ringgroup that has call waiting and the other for the internal calls. Otherwise, if you want to pay for some custom work, I could provide modifications that would make it such that callwaiting was ignored EXCEPT when calls came in from the ringgroup, so you would get your busy signal for internal calls but it would ring the other line for external calls.

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