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I have a problem where I cannot find the answer on.
I have made a ring group, memory hunt style (incomming call starts at Sales 1, then Sales 1+2 etc)
The ring time is different from every group, so this is what I tried:
Set up ring group 1 with the hunt for sales (a couple of numbers in this group) then I set the “destination if no answer” to a new group etc.
The disadvantage is when it switches to the other ring group all rings stop for a second (even if the same nummer is in the next ring group) the problem is when someone picks up the phone while it was switching to the next group he or she does not pick up the ringing line.
I also tried to use a number several times like first call 100, next call 200, next call 200, next 300 (so 100 will ring for 5 seconds, then 100+200 for 10 seconds, then 300 for 5 seconds) but the double numbers will be deleted from the list.
So how do I set this up?

Thanks in advance.

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What are you trying to accomplish?

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It’s a little bit hard to explain, but let me try.
Lets say we have extensions 100, 200 300 and 400
When an external call comes in, it should go directly to extension 100, if extension 100 is busy or does not pickup in 5 seconds, it should go to 100 and 200, then it should ring 10 more seconds, then it goes to 100,200, 300 for 5 seconds, then it goes to 100,200,300,400 and should ring for 20 or 30 seconds more, after that it should go to an announcement.

I had this working by the use of several ring groups and 1 forwards to another, but with every forward all phones stop ringing for a second or 2 and start ringing, that’s really annoying, because 1 extensions has a follow me on a cellphone, because of the delay in the cellphone network it’s pretty hard to pick up if it stops ringing every time for a short period. and off course it’s also not very nice if the extensions stop ringing every time (if you pick up the phone just when it stops ringing you get the dial tone instead of the line you want to pickup)

Hope this makes it a bit clear

And thanks for the help.

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I think the thing you will struggle with here is doing this type of setup with different ring times.

In your example above the total ring time would be 40-50 seconds. Could you just use 10 seconds between each hop and have one ring group with memory hunt?

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