Ring Group won't ring extensions

I’m having a problem with our Ring Group not ringing the extensions.

I’m running FreePBX on a CentOS machine in a test environment. I set everything up last month and it worked just fine. I haven’t touched the machine in awhile and just came back today and realized it wasn’t working. I call our phone number and the Announcement picks up, but after it’s over it doesn’t ring the extensions in the group, it goes straight to the ‘Destination if no answer’ setting, which is set to a Voicemail.

However, if I change the Destination if No Answer to Extension and put in one of the extensions from the Ring Group, it works just fine and rings the phone.

I can call out from our phones just fine, and I can also call other extensions without problems. I’ve checked the phones and none of them are set to DND or any type of Forward.

I know you’ll need a lot more information on settings and things, so just tell me what you need and I’ll provide it.