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We have Sangoma S500 phones hooked up to our Version PBXACT Version10.13.66-21 , and all phones working fine.
I’ve been asked to set up a group of the phones to all receive calls from a DDI number and to ring with a different ringtone to the ringtone on the phones.
Now I can set up a new extension to use followme to ring on all of the phones, but this uses the same ring tone
I could set up a second extension for each of the phones concerned, point it to the MAC of the phones and set it as Account 2, and then list these second extensions in the followme list, and hopefully set up a different ringtone.
surely there is an easier way, that’s standard practice? Can someone point me in the right direction please.



If you are using Sangoma Phones, just set the alert info to whichever ringer you want.
You can set this on the Inbound Route, Ring Group, IVR or Queues. You don’t need to set it by all places, one place is enough. So for an example, if you have a dedicated DID for these calls you can set alert info on the inbound route and point it to an existing ring group and calls coming through this DID will use the ringtone you set on the inbound route
See attached

Not sure what you mean by using followme

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thank you, that solves my issue nicely.

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