Ring Group with Confirm Calls instantly hangs up

I’m using freePBX 2.2.0rc1 on Trixbox 2.0 beta, and when I create a ring group and check the box for Confirm Calls, as soon as I pick up the phone it hangs up on me. Ok, I just solved my problem while I was looking at the logs typing out this message.

Dec 7 08:57:14 WARNING[26592] file.c: File incoming-call-1-accept-2-decline does not exist in any format

I just copied over 1-yes-2-no.gsm to incoming-call-1-accept-2-decline.gsm to get it to work. Maybe this info will help someone else out. Anyone else missing this file?

Also, I had to do my number in this format to get it to dial outbound 95551212# That seems strange to me. Just the # didn’t work. Just the 9 didn’t work, but both together does.