Ring group, way to manually send to next destination?

Situation: Ring group with 25 second duration/ring time.
Needed function: Key or feature code to send calls to the no-answer destination manually at any time before the timeout.

The Reject function silences just the handset on which it’s entered, so that’s not the solution we’re looking for.


Not sure if it’s doable with Ring Groups, but you can probably do something with AMI + Queues.

FOP2 allows you to drag a call from a queue to any extension. So you can probably do something like this.

There was a question last week about this, and if you use this method, it screws up your queue reporting because the call “disappears” and looks like a dropped call.

If everyone in a ring group is busy, then the call will flow automatically to the next destination. Short of that, I can’t think or know of a way to short circuit this, especially with a button press. The problem (especially with Ring Groups) is that it’s just a bunch of ringing phones. So, the phone would have to answer the call and immediately transfer it to another destination.

“FOP2 allows you to drag a call from a queue to any extension. So you can probably do something like this.”

I don’t care about queue reporting in this case. I can switch it to a queue, and can you offer in any insight on how to create a button to forward the queue call to a voicemail box (a button on an S705)?

I know this isn’t going to help you directly, but in SCCP (which we are not using) there is a concept called “Immediate Divert” or “iDivert”. This property sends a call on a ringing phone to the “divert destination”, which is (by default in Chan-SCCP-B) a Voicemail box.

Conceptually, will that work? I’m not sure how (or if) you can program one of the button on an S705 to do that, so you might need to rope Sangoma in to help out with that specific button on a phone.

With Sangoma phones, if my phone is ringing and I push a BLF button while it’s ringing, the call is sent to the BLF destination (not the ring group failover dest). Might work with other phones too.

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So, it sounds like you could set up a BLF destination for “*ext” where ext was the extension for your group mailbox.

Very much appreciate the pointers, folks. So to summarize:

  1. Change the ring group to a queue. (maybe I can leave as a RG though?)
  2. Setup a BLF destination on a button on the S705 handsets.
  3. When the handset rings via the RG or queue, pressing the BLF button should divert the call to the BLF destination (which would be the shared voicemail box in this case).
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