Ring Group Waiting

I have a problem with ring groups. I have a ring group set to ringall, if someone answers the phone and another call comes in on the ring group WHILE they are on the phone, then they finish the call while the new call is still ringing, THEIR phone will NOT ring for this call because they were on the phone while the call first started ringing. So they have to get up and go find another phone which is ringing.

I have call waiting disabled on all the phones because if I enable call waiting, then it causes problems wiht transfers.

Is there anything they can do to pick up the call? maybe a star code or something which lets them back into the ring group even after being engaged before.

Make sure you have the extensions all assigned to the same pickup group and ring group. You should then be able to dial “*8” and pick up a ringing phone in that group.

Thanks, what’ a pickup group, how do i set that in FreePBX?

In the extension’s setup page on FreePBX there is a line for callgroup and pickupgroup. Set them both to the same value. Phones in pickupgroup 1 will pick up ringing phones in callgroup 1.

In the past, all phones in a ringall ring group would ring even if one of the members was on a call. The phones would just treat the new call as a second call and if call waiting was enabled for the extension, the operator would see the second call coming in. Beginning with FreePBX v2.5, it seems the definition of ringall has changed.

Is it possible to change this back in a permanent way? In small offices with two or 3 operators, they all need to be able to answer every call that comes in. The pickup group idea is a temporary workaround, but since the call never rings on every phone, the operators cannot see the caller ID and don’t know if they should pick it up or not.