Ring Group trouble transferring if new call is answered by another extension in ring group

Ring Groups 13.0.23
Sangoma S500

There is a ring group that goes to 4 extensions for our main office. Then a secondary ring group gets called on no answer from the first ring group that includes those 4 plus an additional extension

The issue happens when the Operator answers the Ring Group Call and then someone else calls into the main number (Ring Group). If someone else in the ring group answers or it is in the middle of ringing the group and the operator tries to transfer they can start the transfer but never complete and it (the button to transfer does nothing) and disconnects the caller. However, if the operator places the first call on hold and answers the new call then she can transfer the original call just fine.

Hope this is enough detail to understand what we are seeing.
Not sure if this is a Sangoma S500 (phone app) issue or a FreePbx/Asterisk issue. Any help would be appreciated.

No one having this issue???

Sounds like an Asterisk thing, but without at least logs for a call where it failed, I doubt anyone will jump up to try to help.

Yea I understand, was just trying to see if anyone else had this issue too and if so how they fixed it. If you don’t ask you don’t know, right ? :wink: