Ring group to mobile numbers over a Google Voice Trunk


I have setup a Google Voice trunk and am able to make outoging calls as well as make receive incomming calls (Yipppe).

At present I’ve set things up so that when I receive an incomming call it routes to call group 600. Call Group 600 rings all my extensions (so far so good). After 20 seconds, if no extension answers it forwards to an IVR. The IVR has 2 options, opt 2 being to try to reach me on my cell phone. I did this by creating a Ring Group 601 which includes 2 external 11 digit numbers in.

All works good except that when i select option 2 the calls to the cell phones are not initiated.

The goal is to have the call ‘forwarded’ out to the cell phones.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

Adding a hash worked, but I cannot have multiple phones ring within a single group. E.g. I cannot have 2 cell phones ring. I have managed to set up an IVR that has two ring groups allocated to 2 options. I then setup two ring groups each with a single member.

Not had a chance to capture trace yet with a ring group with 2 members so not figured out why it is failing.

add a # at the end and make sure your outgoing routes are correct for 11 digit dialing through google voice.