Ring Group Rings only 1 Minute, then hang up

dear community,

have the following problem.
i have a ring group (with MoH). i have setup Ring Time 300 seconds, but aufter 60 Seconds the call hangs automatic up.

have 4 extensions in the ring group (snom phones)

have selected at the end Destination if no answer to the same ring group.

but after 60 seconds the call will be terminated.

can anybody helps me? how i can setup here a infinity loop?

thank you very much

A ring group does not answer the channel by default unless you add an announcement, I suspect your provider only gives you 60 seconds to answer the call before giving up. Try toggling “Force Answer” on the inbound route before going to the ring group:

thank you!

i have now added a announcement (silence 1 sec), is this now enough that it works as expected?

thank you very much!

many greets

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