Ring Group ring notificaton

We have a Ring Group setup as “first available” with only 4 extensions. Once all 4 extensions are full we need the group to ring busy. This part all works correctly.

We would like to have another phone ring or have some audible sound whenever any of the 4 extensions are ringing. This would work easily if we were using “ring all” but “first available” is needed for our purpose.

Basically we need an audible version of a BLF hint. Anytime any of the 4 extensions are being called (in a different part of the building), we need to hear an audible sound to notify there is an incoming call. The call doesn’t need answerable by the “audible call notification” phone but could be if required to create this function.

Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

Any BLF audio hint endpoint that already does this?

What about creating a new “notifying” extension and then use find me follow me in a manner similar to what is outlined in the following link:

I’ve tried this but it doesn’t work.

I have 4 extensions in a ring group. Set as “first available”. The “#” is to allow Follow Me rules to function.
Extension list is:

I also have set the Follow Me of each extension to “Initial Ring Time= 1s”, “Ring Strategy=ringallv2”, "Follow-Me List=141 & 117 (notifying extension).

When dialing the Ring Group, ext 141 and 117 ring fine and I can answer it without issues. The issue is if 141 is ringing or the call is connected, any other calls to the Ring Group are told the line is busy until 141 is no longer on the call or ringing.

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What if you get rid of the ring group. On 117, the notifying extension, you FMFM the other extensions you want to ring, as well as the strategy. Make sure 117 has call waiting and the same number of appearances as extensions you want to ring?

Don’t have time to test that, but would that work?

Your solution “worked”. It would only ring the phone quickly and only once before proceeding to the next extension. It would only ring longer if I delayed the time to ring the next extension in the FMFM, which would have caused calls to take longer to get to the desired destination.

I did a different work around. I changed everything to monitor a BLF hint that gave an ringing alert.

I have a Yealink T23 phone setup as the “alerting” phone. I set the Call Pickup alerting setting “Audio Alert for BLF Pickup” to “enable”.
Then in extensions_custom.conf added "exten => 140,hint,SIP/141&SIP/142&SIP/143&SIP/144"
Then set a BLF key to monitor ext 140.

Calls to any of those extensions or to the Ring Group make the “alerting” phone playing a ringtone. Works exactly how we needed it to work.

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