Ring group record files to ucp

I have installed freepbx and asterisk on centos 6. So, I am using Centos 6 64bit, Asterisk 13, Freepbx 12.

I would like to see / playback recorded incoming call to ring group from ucp panel.Is it possible ?

Recording is working because I am able to see the recorded files at /var/spool/asterisk/monitor… and as well as see and playback as admin from CDR report.

Thank you.

The system, records calls for extensions if you give permission for an account form user management of these extensions. you can see them all from ucp.
For that user, you will give permission to Additional Assigned Extensions, Allowed CDR, Allow CDR Playback, and if you want Allow CDR Downloads.

My ring group consist of external cell phone number. Is there is way to do accomplish ?

And if I follow your advice @nbthost : You want to add an extension to the ring group and allowed recordings in the cdr of the extensions ? Am I correct. Please advice me.


ucp for users/extensions only.
Let me check one or two more scenarios and update you very soon

I have an idea;
if you use follow me instead of ring group, it seems possible to see records from ucp.
As an example; lets say you have a ring group that has 3 external numbers.

you can add an extension, and add these 3 numbers to the “follow me” of that extension.
Then give right to see that extension form your ucp in user management.
Now you can see recordings that belongs to your external numbers.

Sorry for the delay… I did not got time to check your reply. I never got the notify to my email saying that somebody answer.

Actually, I was thinking the same about using follow me but the point was to be able to use the ringroup instead of the extension.

I will try to use follow me and see what happen.

Thank’s again

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I tried to use follow me feature and some how, CDR report show’s in user panel but there is not any audio to playback or download.

For voicemail, the user can download or playback the message.

Please guide me how to setup the recordings so I can see on the user panel CDR.

Thank you.

in user management,
give permission to your user… then it is done :smile:

Thank’s for your reply. Actually, it was already done that. What I was missing was that on that extension, I had to put Yes for outbound external recording even though the extension never connected any device as it is use as ollow me for external call.