Ring Group / Queue with BLF for a non-member?

Hey everyone!
I would like to create a ring group / queue that has a certain amount of members/static agents.
Additionally to that, i’d like other extension to be able to pickup said ring group / call to queue in case no one is available to answer an incoming call.

I tried adding a virtual extension to a ring group and a queue and then adding a BLF to another phone, but apparently virtual extensions dont send hints.

What i want is:

Group 100

  • Extension 101
  • Extension 102

BLF & Pickup for Group 100

  • Extension 103 (+X more phones)

I would like Ext 101 and 102 to ring simultaneously using extension 100.
Extension 103 (+X) should have a BLF indicating the “group call” and be able to pick it up, by pressing the button.

How would this be approached correctly?


Sounds like Enable Call Pickup should be enabled and then your extensions not part of the Ring Group can perform a Directed Call Pickup. Although off the top of my head I’m not 100% sure about the BLF part…

Mhhh, well - the extensions in question for the BLF are not going to be able to physically hear that there is an inbound call.
Therefore the usage of a BLF would be great.
Im going to make it a bit more clear in Post 1.

If the phone has a spare line appearance, set it up on an extension that is a member of the ring group, but with a silent ringtone. If the user sees the light flashing, he can simply answer.

Thanks, but there HAS to be a simpler way to do this.

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