Ring Group / Queue with BLF for a non-member?

(Pge) #1

Hey everyone!
I would like to create a ring group / queue that has a certain amount of members/static agents.
Additionally to that, i’d like other extension to be able to pickup said ring group / call to queue in case no one is available to answer an incoming call.

I tried adding a virtual extension to a ring group and a queue and then adding a BLF to another phone, but apparently virtual extensions dont send hints.

What i want is:

Group 100

  • Extension 101
  • Extension 102

BLF & Pickup for Group 100

  • Extension 103 (+X more phones)

I would like Ext 101 and 102 to ring simultaneously using extension 100.
Extension 103 (+X) should have a BLF indicating the “group call” and be able to pick it up, by pressing the button.

How would this be approached correctly?


(Greg Kujawa) #2

Sounds like Enable Call Pickup should be enabled and then your extensions not part of the Ring Group can perform a Directed Call Pickup. Although off the top of my head I’m not 100% sure about the BLF part…

(Pge) #3

Mhhh, well - the extensions in question for the BLF are not going to be able to physically hear that there is an inbound call.
Therefore the usage of a BLF would be great.
Im going to make it a bit more clear in Post 1.


If the phone has a spare line appearance, set it up on an extension that is a member of the ring group, but with a silent ringtone. If the user sees the light flashing, he can simply answer.

(Pge) #5

Thanks, but there HAS to be a simpler way to do this.