Ring group/queue can't answer calls

Asterisk 11.03.1

I have my inbound routes pointing to a ring group which worked great until I changed my router. Suddenly extensions in ring groups/queues ring, but cannot answer any calls. If I point the inbound route to an extension, it works fine. Point back to a ring group/queue and they cannot answer. Ant thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Define “Can’t Answer”:

  • The phone doesn’t ring?
  • The phone rings but when you pick it up it keeps ringing?
  • The phone rings but when you pick it up you can’t hear the person on the other end?
  • The phone rings but when you pick it up the person at the other end can’t hear you?
  • The phone rings but when you pick it up there’s nothing but dead air at both ends?

Sorry for the delay, I have been away for a few weeks. Ok, to answer your question, the phones in the ring group would ring but if you picked up the handset or hit speaker, it would just continue to ring. I am currently using a queue instead, but would like to solve the ring group issue.

Thank you.

I’m having a similar problem. Are you using Google Voice? When you say it keeps ringing do the extensions in the ring group keep ringing or does the caller continue to hear ringing after the extension in the ring group picks up?

the extensions keep ringing internally, and the caller just hears a ring until it goes to it’s failover location.

Ahh gotcha. Doesn’t look to be related to my issue. When I try to answer via the ring group the call is immediately terminated. Seems to be a provider issue for me. You may want to post the asterisk log file.

asterisk -vvvvvr