Ring Group (question)

We have all incoming calls (1st stop): answered by RING GROUP 600.
About 20 phones are part of this ring group.
It is working good.

What the concern is: When (1) phone answers the call: the other (19 phones) all now show a missed call (hits their phone call log): their RED light for missed calls starts blinking: and this is bothering staff.

I can set the phone to not flash RED for missed calls: easy part

Is there any other TIPS for making the call NOT show in the phones call log ; thus no missed call(s)?

SangomaOS from .ISO install

Your ring group has a setting for that.

Your phone has to support it, but I do not know of any modern ones that do not.

Set to YES

The Ring Group option: Marked Answered Elsewhere

Did it fix your problem? If so, mark it as the solution. If not, post the make/model of the phones you are using.

As well as logs.

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