Ring Group Question

Hey guys,

I’ve come along way starting off with having no FreePBX knowledge to what I know today and I’d like to thank you all for the help I’ve come across on this forum.

I now have a question of my own. I am familiar with the ring groups and what they do, however my boss would like a ring group that I’m not too familiar with setting up. He wants the extensions to ring sequentially after every few rings.

For example,
first 2 rings will dial extension 111
after 2 rings (4th total rings) it will dial new extensions 112 and 113 as well as continuing with 111
after 2 more rings (6th total rings) it will dial new extensions 114, 115, and 116 as well as continue to dial 111, 112, 113, until someone picks up and then it gets sent to voicemail.

Anyone have some insight in how to set this up, and or have some sort of a guide I may use to help further?

Thanks in advance!

I also have a feeling it might be memoryhunt that I’m looking to use, and the ringtime (default at 20, max 300) however with memoryhunt it says this is the iteration in which each phone(s) will be rung so if that’s the case, would I just time the rings so it would be equivalent to 2 rings in seconds? But then when would the phones stop ringing and go to voicemail?


One solution would be to chain your first ringgroup to another more expansive one and so on, something like:-

rg1 has just 111 which will failover (destination no answer) to rg2 which has 111,112,113 . . .

actually just tested it incrementally with 2 phones and works like a charm! They may request me to put an audio message at the beginning of the call such as “thank you for calling, your call will be answered shortly” and if I’m assuming correctly having it failover to the expansive ring group will cut that message, correct? Would there be a way to have this done in 1 ring group?


There is a little icon that looks like a ? next to each option in on ring group page (and almost every other page) that explains what each option does.