Ring Group Problem

Hi everybody,

I’m installed Elastix 2.4.0.

I have very interesting problem about freepbx configuration. I have 2 trunk (named by: Basar and Atilla)
Basar’s phone number is: 90850xxx0945
Atilla’s phone number is: 90850xxx2607

Basar Trunk Inbound Route configuration while DID:
Ring Group “Home(600)” and connected extentions: 100,101,102

Atilla Trunk Inbound Route Configuration while DID:
Ring Group “Office(601)” and connected extentions: 998,999

When I call Basar (90850xxx0945) from my cellphone “Home(600)” ring group is ringing. That is O.K. but when I try to call Atilla (90850xxx2607) again “Home(600)” ring group is calling. Thought “Office(601)” ring group must be ringing.

I tried to define extention, this time number had unaviable.

Do you have any idea about this problem?

I would suggest you try Elastix support. This is FreePBX support.

Elastix modifies FreePBX, it is not supported here.

I have problem with ring group, when i call 601 which is the ring group number i could not hear the announcement file

By the way , i added an extension in the list and it rings but i want to hear the announcement first then forward to extension or even terminate the call