Ring Group pick up issue

This issue does not happen on the SPA series phones. It only happens on Yealink

I have 2 ring groups

#1 = Sales Ext 151 152 153 154

#2= Parts Ext 251 252 253 254

My extension is 101.

Call comes in. They want sales. I use my BLF key for the sales group. All 4 extensions start ringing. No one picks up - they are all away from their phone. I then decide to press the same BLF key that is now flashing red as it rings the sales group to try and pick the call back up on my ext 101.

On the Cisco SPA phones - no issues. I can retrieve the call

On the Yealink phones (T29 and T54) nothing happens. It will not pick back up again and let me have the call back so once I send it to that ring group I can’t get it back.

Any ideas what causes this?


Ok, I can pickup from the same yealink phone that I transferred from by pressing theline key.

how do I pick up from a different phone?

You will need to post the values of the BLF button as well as a call trace.

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