"Ring Group & Page"... like "Park & Page"... feasible?

Just wondering if any of the developers can comment on the feasibility of having a “Ring Group & Page” functionality, similar in concept to “Park & Page”; whereby an announcement could be paged when a call is transferred to a ring group.

I can see this equally being applied to a queue (page upon call entry to queue), and actually to just a plain extension by itself (page when a call is directed to an extension).

I can see this as being very useful in some of the small 2 and 3 person offices that I deal with where they still prefer to answer the phone immediately rather than dropping to voicemail, but they may be frequently away from their desk doing other tasks. You would then have a scenario where you’d could have “sales group, incoming call” (ring group) or “warehouse phone is ringing” (direct extension).

Can anyone else see scenarios where this might be useful?

If it seems feasible I’ll go and submit a feature request.