Ring Group Only Calls First Three Listed Extensions

FreePBX/Asterisk 14

I have a treatment that comes in to an inbound route (inbound route 5555555555) and it goes to a ring group that immediately calls out on five external extensions:

These are not defined extensions on the FreePBX box, they actually are Avaya endpoints that go out via an Avaya SIP trunk.

I noticed that the ring group members 1114# and 1115# are not getting called. In the logs I found:
pbx.c: Executing [[email protected]:3] Playback("Local/[email protected];2", "beep&im-sorry&your&simul-call-limit-reached&goodbye")

I found the post below, which makes sense, but I am not sure how to apply it do my situation, I do not have any defined extensions to up the outbound call limit? Anyone got any ideas? Is it technically the s extension? How would I adjust that?

Thanks for any guidance here.

Reference Post:

Please check your sip trunk settings with Avaya.
Maybe you set limitation there.

Good thought I also had, but there was no limit defined on any of my trunks.

Well, we figured out that I had a virtual extension that happened to = the caller ID I was coming in on. As such I was restricted to the default outbound limit of 3. Changing the limit to 5 on my VExt caused the RG to behave normally.

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