Ring-group no answer destination external number


We have on-call ring-groups for certain departments. The usual way it works is that that departments extensions will ring with ringall strategy, and then if no answer will call the on-call cell phone.

What is the best way to have a no answer destination as an external PSTN number? I don’t want to have it in the extension list, as that would require changing the ring strategy from ringall …


Set up a miscellaneous destination.

Thanks, Dave.

I was looking at Custom Destinations thinking “WTH?!”

did you add a # at the end of the external number?
Something like:

102 (extension )
115 (extension )
407xxxxxxx# ( whatever your outside number is )

Thanks VoIPTek but I solved this with the Misc Destination as failover.

The ring strategy needed to be ringall, so having an external number in the list with ringall wouldn’t have worked, the requirement was that calls ringall the desk phones then failover if no one answers.