Ring group limitations

Well after trying to use a ring group, to dial the time conditions, we found out the system can’t accommodate 49 time conditions. We used both ringall and hunt style ring strategies with no success. The documentation says nothing about maximum number of extensions it can dial. We know from experience, that it can dial at least 5 at one time. This customer wanted the ability to trigger all time conditions at the same time, with one button. She was hoping for a switchboard feature with this system.

Any ideas???

IIRC there’s a limit how much extensions you can add to a Ring Group.

You can definitely code up something that will either call all FC’s or build a web-page.

In any case, you can submit a feature request issues.freepbx.org for a control panel.
Or post it here What would you like to see added in FreePBX 15?

Definitely not a coder here. Would not even know where to start. Basically only had minimal usage of Cisco’s phone management system. Was hired to learn this system, never touched it before. Everything I learn about this system is documentation and forum. Less than a year on this system, not doing too awfully bad, lol.

Then try a Queue add the feature codes as follows.


And so one, make sure the ring strategy is set to ringall.

Never tried it, but might work.

Also, keep on mind, Asterisk will make 49 calls, be sure your system can handle that.

I found the solution. It’s an advanced feature in advanced settings that allows you to control all time conditions with one toggle. You associate each time condition with a single toggle.


Learned something new today.

It usually takes me a day for the brain to reboot. lol

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