Ring Group in 2 diferents PBX


i have PBX 1 and PBX 2 with diferrents network configurations.

the internal calls between pbx works correctly.

I want the pbx 1 be able to call the ring group of the pbx 2.

sorry for the bad english.

The PBX’s are trunked together?

On PBX 2 make a ring group, then an inbound route pointed it at the ring group.

On PBX 1 make an outbound route that uses the trunk between PBX 1 & 2. Make it match the ring group pattern.

yes they are trunked.

i do the inbound routes and outbound,
but he throws me the following message: is busy now. try again later.


Show us logs of a failed call.

FYI: https://pastebin.freepbx.org/view/459e9d76

My memory (fwiw) seems to prompt my to have you check that RG’s are included in the from-internal context generally used for tie-lines

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where i find the config file?

is var/log/asterisk?

No that’s the logs,


But read the first 6 lines of each one :wink:

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your right!


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