Ring Group if no answer to another ring group

I’m sure this is an asterisk issue, but wanted to check here first. I have an issue that started with asterisk 1.6.2 SVN after April 28th and how ring groups behave.

I have ring group 601 set to ring extension 6001. The “if no answer, set destination” is set to ring group 602 which contains extension 6001 and two additional extensions. On or after the April 28th SVN of Asterisk 1.6.2, 6001 would not ring when when it bounced over to ring group 602. Extension 6001 does ring if I was to dial ring group 602 directly.

Again, I’m sure it is an aterisk issue, but I wanted to make sure here before I opened a ticket elsewhere.

I meant 6001 where I previously wrote 601, but…

I’d probably next check the asterisk log and see if it thinks 6001 is busy when it hits ringgroup 602 and then doesn’t ring it. Either way, the answer may be in the logging.

It’s likely not a FreePBX issue.

So I scoured the logs again and noticed this when it rings the 2nd ring group:

[2011-05-17 16:06:01] WARNING[5037] app_dial.c: Skipping dialing interface ‘SIP/6001’ again since it has already been dialed

The config has been like this forever. And if I run an older pre-4/28 version of Asterisk, I get normal behavior. Anything after that date and I get the above error.

Sounds like an asterisk issue. Are you sure that 601 isn’t DND or otherwise unavailable?

I double checked and 6001 is not in DND because it rings fine as part of ring group 601.