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For a long time I have had a ring group with one extension and one external number.
When I went to update the external number on 06/17/20 I noticed a new problem: the only thing displayed for the external number in the Extension List text box is the trailing ‘#’. If I refresh the page the external number flashes on screen very briefly and then disappears, leaving only the ‘#’ visible. Note that this is just a display problem on the Ring Groups page: the external number does indeed ring.

This problem wasn’t present the last time I updated the external number on 06/??/19. I don’t know when it crept in.

Testing with Ring Groups ver. and I don’t see that issue. Sounds like a browser (or browser plugin) issue to me, do you see the same with a different browser? Or in incognito mode?

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Right you are!
Turns out to be caused by Firefox add-on Click to Call 2.0.0 (author Nick Iacullo).
I think the last time I edited the ring group I was using Vivaldi. I use a different click to call add-on there, which, I just confirmed, doesn’t exhibit this problem.


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