Ring group error

Hi all,

I’ve a little problem with ringgroups.

I’ve set up a RG on ext 9001 with just one ext in it ( ext 100 ) and strategy “ringall”. The inbound call pops in, but the ext 100 does not ring. ( I’ve set announcements prior and after the RG so I can verify the workings ).


  • Ubuntu 10.04.2
  • FreePBX from source
  • Asterisk from source

If the inbound route is changed to a Queue ( as sugession from [email protected]#freepbx ) the call rings on ext 100, or if the inbound call is just routed directly to ext 100 it’s also working.

Voicemail works.

Any sugesstions?

As of a few months ago, Ubuntu would work with Asterisk and Freepbx if you put in the work. However, using the pre-packaged Centos versions worked much more reliably. In total, I’ve spent much less time just learning the things I needed to know in Centos (RedHat) than trying to support this platform in Ubuntu. I won’t even touch Asterisk and Freepbx on Ubuntu anymore - even though I use Ubuntu for every other linux need.