Ring Group doesn't seem to work correctly

Having some problems with a ring group, and I’m not sure if I’m misunderstanding how it is supposed to work, or if it is actually broken.

We have a ring group for extension 3150.

It is supposed to ring extensions 3116, 3129, 3130, and 3138.

If I set the ring strategy to “ringall” it does exactly that - all the phones ring.

If I set the ring strategy to “hunt” it only appears to ring the first extension. 3116 is ringing every single time somebody calls 3150, and the other extensions aren’t ringing at all.

Now, it occurs to me that I may not be understanding how this is supposed to work.

We’re migrating from an old NEC PBX, and trying to roughly duplicate the behavior of our phones on that system. On that system, our 3150 ring group behaved differently. The first call to come in would ring 3116. The next call to come in would ring 3129. 3116 wouldn’t get run again until the 5th call. It was actually more of a round-robin…

But round-robin isn’t available in a ring group under FreePBX. And the description of “hunt” sounded like it would do what I want it to.

But I’m wondering - is it hunting on each and every call? So it’ll ring 3116 until the ring time is exceeded, then it’ll ring 3129 until the ring time is exceeded, then it’ll ring 3130 until the ring time is exceeded, and it won’t even get around to ringing 3138 unless nobody else picks up?

Yes, I specified a ringtime. And I believe I turned on Ignore CF and Skipbusy. But it turns out that a ring group set to “hunt” just doesn’t do what I thought it did.

I did some testing yesterday afternoon, and discovered that a queue set to “roundrobin” does exactly what I need it to.


Do you specify a ringtime? So that it can “fail” to another phone. Then turn on IGNORE CF and Skipbusy…

All fails, use a queue :slight_smile: