Ring Group "Destination if no answer" is not working

Ok so we have a pretty simple set up at our work…

When a call comes in it rings all phones… if no one answers it should go to voicemail.

So call comes in ring time is 20 seconds…

No one answers and it should just go to Extension 200’s Voicemail so the caller can leave a message… but starting around a month or two ago this stopped.

All that happens now after the 20 second ring time is a voice that says

“There is nobody to take your call” then 5 seconds later it hangs up on you.

No clue what changed.

Any ideas??

Please help!

All of our phones are Polycom IP450 and we are using Trixbox CE v2.6.2.3.

I have been searching all over on how to fix this problem and can’t seem to come up with anything. This is very important because as of now we can’t receive any voicemails from outside calls (basically the only ones we need).

Have you done a trace in Asterisk to find out what actually happens when you make a call and try to route it to voicemail? It almost sounds like Trixbox has something built in that if the voicemail fails for whatever reason it plays you that “Nobody to take your call” message.

To do a trace, SSH into your Trixbox server and type “asterisk -r” to get to the Asterisk CLI.
Once at the CLI do:
core set verbose 5

Once done the console will start showing you all of the verbose messages about call handling and the dialplan (it may or maynot also log that info to /var/asterisk/log/full)

Try making an inbound call and waiting for the 20 seconds until you get that “Nobody available” message. Post up the trace/log for the call.



I went in through the Asterisk CLI by logging in as admin and going to pbx settings > Tools Tab > Asterisk CLI (under System Administration)

Changed verbosity to 5 (was 3)

then went to reports > “Compare calls” has the following:

SELECT substring(calldate,1,10) AS day, sum(duration) AS calltime, count(*) as nbcall FROM cdr WHERE UNIX_TIMESTAMP(calldate) >= UNIX_TIMESTAMP(‘2012-12-01’) GROUP BY substring(calldate,1,10) [nativecode=145 ** Table ‘./asteriskcdrdb/cdr’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired]

Well that tells you that the CDR database is corrupt. If the CDR database is corrupt, most likely the reason your fall through to VM is failing is that the table in the main asterisk/FreePBX database is corrupt as well.

To fix it you’ll need shell access to your Trixbox either via SSH or directly connecting a keyboard/monitor to it.

Once you log in, run:
mysqlcheck -u root -p --auto-repair --check --optimize --all-databases

If you don’t know the mysql password (it will ask you for it), try “passw0rd” or “amp109”, or try looking in the /etc/amportal.conf file to see what it says DBPASSWORD is.

If it gives you permission denied, try the same command with “-u asteriskuser” instead of “-u root”

Ok I have figured out how to use PuTTY and I ran the above line and now the Reports section works!

So what should I do now?


OK while in Putty I called and here is what displayed:

– Edit –

Deleted to save space

Not sure what phone you’re using that it has it’s own internal messaging system, but my guess would be that the wait time/number of rings on that phone before it answered for it’s own messaging is less than the 20 seconds you have in the ring group. So before the ring group times out, the phone on 205 decides it needs to answer with it’s built in messaging…

Either way it’s programming on the phone itself you need to do (either disable it’s internal messaging or change how long it waits so that it’s longer than your ring group timeout)

Just to make sure I removed the extension for that phone… and This system works perfectly.

So that confirms that the problem is with the phone and not Trixbox.

Whew that was a toughy.

Thanks again for your help.

Greatly appreciated

Okay glad to see you were able to get a trace, but during that sample call that you did it looks like you answered the call on Extension 205?.. you need to post a trace of when nobody answers the call after 20 seconds and you get that “Nobody available” message.

Nobody answered… so why would it think someone did.

Aha I think I have found the problem… For wahtever reason that phone (the newest one) installed around 2 months ago (a little before all this started acting up).

Somehow everything has been diverted to that phones internal message system. It’s memory is full. I guess when its memory went fulll is when everything went wrong. I’m just gonna delete that phone and see what happens.