Ring Group CF Loop


Asterisk 11
Fully uptodate

I have a ring group with one extension in it. With ‘Ignore CF Settings’ unticked and the extension that is in the group forwarded somewhere it follows the forward. This is what I would expect to happen.

If I tick ‘Ignore CF Settings’ and ring the group number it loops about 5 or 6 times then returns with ‘An error has occurred with call forwarding’ then hangs up.

I’ve had this working before as an employee here was upsetting a bigger group by forwarding their phone, ticking this fixed the problem but something seems to have broke

Is it just me or has anyone else experienced this?

EDIT - I should also add that ignore CF against queues works fine ticked and unticked. forwarding itself works fine when ringing the extension direct. it’s only when through a ring group causes the system to go into some crazy loop.


Sussed it.

It was due to me only having one extension in the list. With it ignoring the forward it went onto the fallback destination which I had set to itself so it just looped.