Ring Group calls unavailable sip extensions through external trunk

Our SIP trunk provider is charging us for every false outbound attempt by our FreePBX system.
Currently we have several ring groups set up with 10-20 extensions each. Some of them cell phone numbers. When there is an extension that is no longer registered, our system is dialing the trunk with a Prefix of [email protected]
We get 100-200 errors a day when we get a lot of calls, and it’s starting to hit calls per second limits.
The installation is fairly basic, with nothing advanced everything seems to be set up correctly, but i cannot fathom why local unavailable extensions would be called using an outside trunk line.

You must have an outbound route dial pattern of only a single . character, which is sloppy config. Properly structured dial patterns in outbound routes would prevent this.

Thank you for the quick response, this fixes the issue. Is there any reason why a dialpattern would ever include a single . character?

If you are in a place that has variable (and unpredictable) phone numbers. Otherwise, you want to tune your outbound routes to specific dial patterns to avoid bad calls from getting out.

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