Ring Group best practices

Hey all,

What is the best way to do a ring group which hunts through a few phones and then ends up at the voicemail box of the first extension in the group? Or is this possible? The problem is that I would like each extension in the group to have its own voicemail box but the caller gets stopped by voicemail while running through the extensions in the group.

Ideally, calls to an individual extension rather than a ring group would go to the voicemail box for that extension, while calls to the ring group would bypass the voicemail boxes until the very end when the ring group is done (no one answered).

This seems like a common thing to do in office settings, so I’m probably missing something simple.

Any help is very much appreciated!


two comments

  1. make sure the ring group ring time is longer than the default ring time set up for the extension
  2. the destination if not answered section in the ring group definition can be set to send it to a voicemail box. what can’t be easily done from the gui is to send the call to the voicemail box of the starting phone in the ring group if your ring strategy does not always start with the same extension