Ring Group Behavior

I’m new to FreePBX and feel there is something simple I am missing. When someone calls our main line, the IVR gives options. Option 0 rings to a Ring Group with two extensions, 100 and 101. The ‘ring strategy’ is set to ‘ringall’. The issue is that if the user at extension 100 is on the phone, both lines ring. So, you’d think x101 would be able to pick up. But, x101 only rings twice and the call goes away. When this happens it is still ringing on x100. Why does this happen?

I’ve tried changing the Ring Strategy to ‘firstnotonphone’ but this, as far as I can tell, changes nothing. I also tried turning the “Skip Busy Agent” option on but again, this doesn’t seem to change anything.

Hope you all have some input. Thanks!

You don’t have a follow Me entry in 101 sending the call to 100 do you?

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