Ring group and Play Music On Hold occasionally the music is not heard [SOLVED]

Hear this:
It happens to me that inside a “ring group” I insert a music in “Play Music On Hold” this music is not heard by some operators.
If I put it as Announcement everything works …
Are you a way to solve?

You must Answer the channel before you have 2way audio. Ring groups don’t answer the channel by default, but setting an announcement does answer. See the option in the Inbound Route, Advanced tab to “Force Answer”

Thanks for the indication
I went to check inbound routes and going in advanced I don’t see the “Force Answer” function
I attach image

Maybe I’m wrong something?

Might it be necessary to activate “Signal RINGING”?

I think it’s a 14+ feature. But I might be wrong.

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It’s a 14+ feature. In earlier versions, enabling fax detection will do the same thing.

so for confirmation … enable “Signal RINGING” inbound and everything should go?

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