Ring group and multiple external numbers

Sorry if this is the wrong section to post in.

We currently are using a piaf setup with 4 pots lines (sangoma A200)and a sip trunk. It is setup to use the pots lines first and then the sip trunk.

I have been attempting to set up a ring group that will dial an inhouse extension, an external cell phone number and then another external cell phone number.

What is happening is that after calling the number, it will ring the inhouse phone and then the first cell phone, but the call never makes it to the second cell phone. I have the ring group set up as hunt and with the ring time set as 5 seconds. Instead of trying the next cell phone, it just rings the first cell phone until it reaches voicemail.

Thanks for any advice you can lend.

Setup of ring groups, especially those that call outside numbers, and cell phone numbers at that, can be somewhat problematic. It has to do with the timing.

You to consider the the Ringtime Default timing under general settings, you have to consider how many times a phone rings before the ring group trips over to the next line.

I think the problem you are encountering is that the Ringtime Default trips before the 3rd phone rings.

You could extend the Ringtime Default timeout, but how long do you want the caller to wait?

Some studies have shown that the average caller hangs up after 4 or 5 rings.

The bottom line is that it is doable, but there is no magic formula. It’s got to be trial and error.

I’d also look at the follow-me features. There might be some flexibility there that would be of help to you. Using Follow-me, I have my office phone ring to my home phone and my cell phone, It works flawlesly, but getting it to work right required several hours of trial and error.


Thanks for the help. I will spend some time tweaking the settings for the ring group and try the follow me as well.