Ring group and external FXS

Hello everyone,
sorry for some inaccuracies, but this is my first post.

I connected a Sangoma Vega 50 gateway (8 FXS + 2 FXO) to my FreePBX server.
I configured FXS interfaces as extensions and a FXO interface to a SIP trunk.

I created a ringgroup which include the FXS extensions and normal extension (IP Phone).
If I use 3 or more FXS, when I call from an internal number after the first ring the call drops (I get the message “canceled received”). If instead I call from an external number (from trunks) the ringgroup works correctly.
If in the ringgroup there are 1 o 2 FXS extension, it always works well.

What could be the problem?


Check that Outbound Concurrency Limit for the calling extension is not set.

If that’s not it, paste the Asterisk log for a failing call at pastebin.freepbx.org and post the link here.

I changed the Extension Concurrency Limit to 0 (A default of 0 means no limit), but the problem still arises.

The log for a failing call are here: pastebin. freepbx. org/view/5c919126


Line 372:
[2021-01-07 09:34:01] VERBOSE[28503][C-0000004f] app_dial.c: PJSIP/303-0000015f answered PJSIP/501-0000015b

I assume that 303 was not actually picked up. So the question is whether pjsip falsely determined it was answered (IMO unlikely), the Vega signaled that inappropriately (configuration error or bug in Vega), or the Vega detected a false ‘ring trip’ of the connected device (IMO most likely).

What kind of phone is connected to 303? If there is more than 100 m of cable between Vega and phone, please describe the setup.

Try setting up a new Ring group consisting of only extensions 303, 304 and 305. If that fails, it will make for easier debugging (less unrelated info in the logs). If not, see whether adding 201 or 301 to the test group makes a difference.

Once you have a simple failing case, check for a false ring trip by unplugging the phone cord from ext. 303 (assuming that’s still the one being ‘answered’). If that stops the false answer, test with a different phone, or try adjusting ringing voltage and/or frequency in the Vega.

The wiring cat. 3 of extension 303 was shorted.
Now the ring-group is working correctly.

Thanks and sorry for the inexperience

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