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I have a freepbx 13 installation to a client. All trunks are routed to a ring group with 10 extensions. The client needs the CDR reports to check which calls answered or not. But if a call answered by an extension, CDR shows the others extensions to missed the call. Is there any way to mark the calls answered by an extension for the others too? Is there any other way to do it?

Filter CDR for answered calls:

The problem is not with the answered calls but with missed. It is a company with telemarketing and they need to check the missed calls to call back the clients. They receive too many calls every day and the filtering is difficult to be done. They actually want to see the real missed calls, not the calls that answered by an extension.

Are queues something that could be explored as a potential option?


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Thanks for your answers. I tried queues but still no luck. Even though that a call is answered by an extension of the queue, the other extensions are marked as not answered. I didn’t find any option about CDR reports. Perhaps this is an idea for a feature in the next version of Freepbx.

If you are using a queue, then I believe you can use this to get proper reports.https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/Q-Xact+Queue+Reporting

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If, on the other hand, you want to roll your own, you will have to collect all of the data and pull the information out of the CEL and CDR databases yourself. Everything you need is in there. It’s not a simple query - you are going to have to write a report (I’d suggest in PERL or, better yet, PHP) that culls through the database and finds all of the calls that were delivered to the ring group. From there, eliminate the calls through the ring group/queue that were answered (thus eliminating all of the unanswered extensions) and the ones that remain are your abandoned calls.

Thanks for your reply. I can not write perl or php. I am not a programmer. It would be easier to have something ready, even paid program, to do so.
I don’t know how queues reporting works and if it does what I want. It would be nice to have a trial version for testing purposes for a few days.
Thank you all for your replies.

You can call sales, they should be able to answer all your questions.

Take a look at the wiki and see if it is what you need.


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