Ring Group 'Alert Info' for distinctive polycom ring

Trying to have a different ring for a ‘ring group’ using ‘alert info’ and polycom phones. I’ve tried a few entries like Bellcore-dr2. None have worked. Anyone know what can be used in this field to change the ring on a polycom vvx 410 phone?


Working without a net here.

We talked about this several months ago. I seem to recall that there’s a field in the commercial EPM that allows you to select a ring-type, but the pull-down only works for Sangoma phones. For everything else, you need to type in the value you want to use.

That could have been a dream, though, so let’s wait and see if one of the folks that knows what they’re talking about can chime in.

Thanks Dave

I did get it working with a Sangoma phone without issue. Just need the right codes for the Polycoms and I’ll be good to go!

Ended up getting this to work with some more searching…

I added a new .cfg file to each polycom phone.

Here’s the file: http://community.polycom.com/polycom/attachments/polycom/VoIP/635/2/PolycomTones.zip

Once that was in place I could set the ‘Alert Info’ Field to the type of ring associated in PolycomTones.cfg

Such as… Medium Double Trill

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Just wanted to drop a line here and thank you for posting this up once you’ve figured it out. I’ve been banging my head against the wall with outdated documentation and your config file and setup worked perfectly. I’d buy you a beer if I could.

Just wanted to say thanks for this - this makes it so much easier to setup!